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So, everyone has heard of Microsoft Office, right?  If you have used a Windows PC, then it is almost certain you have used Microsoft Office at some point in time.  Microsoft Word was first released in 1985 as a word processing add-on application for Mac.  Since then, Microsoft Office has been cornering the market for word processing and other powerful office applications and has been moving full steam ahead without stopping or looking back.  A big trend in the market of the internet right now is the shift to cloud, and Microsoft wanted to become an early adopter of the future of cloud computing.  Their answer… Office 365.

So how does Office 365 differ from Office 2013?  The best analogy to this is: how does your computer differ from the entire internet? Office 2013, like your computer, is a local application.  It lets you create, edit, and protect documents, and save them in a place you can access them when you are in front of your computer.  Office 365 is like the internet, it is a powerful collaboration tool, allowing you access anywhere you have a connection to the internet.  You can sit down in front of any computer and have access to your files and the ability to create, edit, protect, and save your documents via any web browser.

So, why is Office 365 so great?  In Office 365, there are some key features that make this a great platform for any person, or business.  In utilizing Office 365, you have access to up to 50GB of email storage space for whatever email you create.  This email lives at the @outlook.com domain for a home user.  Additionally, you are able to keep a calendar and contact book that can synchronize with any mobile device, any pc, and any web browser in the world.  In addition to that, you are given up to 20GB of storage space for cloud storage.  Microsoft calls this space your OneDrive, and you can store any file you like in it.

So, what’s the cost?  Office 365 is a subscription service, as opposed to Office 2013 which is an installed desktop application only.  With Office 2013 Professional Plus, where you would spend $599 one time to get the single product installation key.  This product key would only be good for 1 PC, and you would not receive any cloud storage, email service, access to the online Office Applications, or upgrades to future versions of office.  You also would never have an expiration on the product and it is a one-time cost.  With Office 365, you pay a yearly subscription fee of $99.99 for all the features I mentioned before, plus the ability to download Office 2013 Professional Plus for up to 5 PC’s in your house, plus up to 5 additional mobile devices as part of your subscription.  So… wait, you are trying to tell me that if I buy Office 2013 I get just that, but if I subscribe to Office 365 I get Office 2013?  YES! Thats the beauty of the subscription, you get a subscription to office where you pay significantly less than if you buy it outright.  So, where’s the catch??  I haven’t found one yet…

If you are interested in subscribing to Office 365, and would like assistance, please contact us here at Hey PC Guy and we would be happy to help you set it up.

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