Earn $100 by helping a small business

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Computers are an essential tool for most small businesses.

Unfortunately, computer support is something many small businesses don’t feel they can afford. These businesses generally cross their fingers and hope nothing bad happens.

Not if, but when the inevitable happens and the business has a problem with their computers, they end up with lost revenue, lost time, and the unplanned expense of a costly computer support contractor.

Hey PC Guy is here to help these small businesses. With a small, regular monthly or annual expense, small business owners can rest easy knowing that they have help immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. Plus, they get a more reliable network with technicians monitoring and maintaining the health of their computers.

If you know a small business owner that needs a reliable and affordable IT service partner, we will pay you $100 for introducing them to us. Just fill out the form, and if they sign on with us, we’ll send you a check. You help out a small businesses and make some money. It’s that easy!

Eligibility terms

(form will send an email to the referred party and to Hey PC Guy)