About Hey PC Guy

Hey PC Guy was founded in 2009 by Barry Huestis Jr. and Richard Hughes in Glen Burnie, Maryland and moved to Hillsboro, Oregon in 2011.

We believe that something as necessary as a computer should not be seen as an opportunity to gouge people when help is needed. Our number one goal is to make sure that not only does the computer issue get resolved, but that you are comfortable with the solution and understand what happened and how it was resolved. We have developed an unmatched system for diagnosing the issue and recommending an affordable solution. Our approach is thorough, offering advice and a solution geared toward your level of comfort with the computer.

Richard Hughes, Owner – Richard Hughes has been providing PC Support for more than 10 years with a focus on desktop security. When he entered a management role for another remote support company, he used that opportunity to develop a clear picture of what a tech support company could be and how it should operate.